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Welcome to AppleBox.


I'm Kirsty, Director and filmmaker. My greatest joy in life is creating connection through storytelling. Whether you want to connect with your ideal customer, your fans or your family, nothing beats a good story...and you have one to tell. 

We'll start with a catch up, listen to your ideas and learn about who you are. Together we will craft a visual tale that perfectly captures what you want to communicate. My team is scaleable to however many creatives we need to create magic for you!

The results speak for themselves, a beautifully filmed and edited piece to show off to the world, and a fun experience with AppleBox.

So what are you waiting for? Let's tell your story!


Thanks we will be back in touch shortly!



"AppleBox are professional yet relaxed with their approach giving you great confidence that they know what they're doing!"

Lucy | Family Keepsake
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